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Price for 2013
Our prices are based upon the current market rate, which will be determined at the time we begin our sales for 2013 (September timeframe). You will pay the determined price per pound for the live weight to us, the farmer, but in addition to this you will also be responsible for paying the processing fee directly to the processor (see below for estimates on total cost).

Total Cost Estimate
The price per pound for actual take-home beef will vary depending on the live weight, animal composition, and cuts of meat that you order. To provide you with a general idea, here are some estimates based upon past experience. Keep in mind that these prices represent an average across all of the different cuts of meat (steaks, roasts, ground beef):

  • Total cost you can expect to pay for a quarter of beef will be approximately $450-$500. This price estimate includes the cost of the beef plus all processing fees.
  • If you’re accustomed to buying beef by the hanging weight this would equate to approximately $2.40 - $2.75 per pound. (Includes beef plus all processing fees)

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