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We sell our cattle using the custom exempt processing method so we charge by the live weight of the cow. We deliver the cow to our local custom processor (A & M Processing in Hamburg, MN) for you after we find enough people to sell the whole beef. Your beef is not packaged for resale, which saves you more money on the processing costs.

  1. You contact us with any questions you may have.
  2. You ask us to add you to the list for beef orders. We typically take cattle in for processing October, November, and December each year.
  3. After the whole beef is sold, we weigh the cow to obtain the live weight and schedule an appointment with the processor.
  4. We provide you with the cost of your portion of beef via a simple contract, which you must sign and return.
    (Note: the contract is very much so designed to protect your interests as the buyer and lays out the options we have available. We can provide a copy in advance for you to review before you place your order.)
  5. You provide us with payment for the beef (cash, personal checks, or certified checks are accepted).
  6. We deliver the cow to the processor for you (free of charge).
  7. You call the processor to specify what cuts of meat you would like and options such as thickness, number of steaks per package, etc. The processor is very good at walking you through this process and will answer any questions you may have. You do not need to know any specifics in advance and even our new customers have not experienced any issues when making their selections.
  8. After approximately 1-2 weeks you pick up your beef directly from the processor.
    (Note: the processor is approximately 1 hr southwest of Minneapolis. If it will be difficult for you to pick up your beef we can arrange to pick it up for a small fee and meet you with it in the western metro area).
  9. You enjoy your delicious beef and recommend us to your friends and family!
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